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    AI - Prompt Engineer - MNC - Permanent

    Full Time - India

    AI - Prompt Engineer with Python & NLP

    Full Time - Mumbai, India

    AI Prompt Redakteur

    Full Time - Berlin, Germany

    Prompt Engineer

    Full Time - Boppard, Germany

    AI Prompt Engineering Developer, Mid

    Full Time - Aurora, CO, USA

    Experienced AI Solutions Designer & Prompt Engineer Needed

    Contract - USA 🌎 Remote

    Prompt Engineer (Contractor)

    Contract - İstanbul, Turkey

    Generative AI engineer

    Full Time - Wavre, Belgium

    Forward Deployed Engineer - Canada

    Full Time - Vancouver, Canada

    Machine Learning Engineer (L3+)

    CHf85,000 - CHf105,000 Full Time - Zürich, Swiss

    KI / LLM und Prompt Engineer m/w/d

    Full Time - Stuttgart, Germany

    Prompt Engineer

    Full Time - Boppard, Germany

    Werkstudent ( im Bereich Prompt Engineering

    Internship - Oberhausen, Germany

    Prompt Engineer Intern

    Internship - London, UK

    Senior Deep Learning Engineer

    €80,000-€110,000/year Full Time - Berlin, Germany