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    Prompt Engineer / Data Analyst / ChatGPT / OpenAI

    Full Time - Cape Town, South Africa

    AI Prompt Engineer

    $135k-150k Full Time - CA, USA 🌎 Remote

    AI Prompt Redakteur

    Full Time - Stuttgart, Germany

    Werkstudent (m/w/d) Im Bereich Prompt Engineering

    Full Time - Germany

    AI Prompt Redakteur

    Full Time - Hessen, Germany

    AI prompt engineer wanted to help with chatbot solutions - Contract to Hire

    Contract - USA 🌎 Remote

    Product R&D Intern - AI Prompt Engineering

    Full Time - London, UK

    Prompt Engineer

    Full Time - Hamburg, Germany 🌎 Remote

    Prompt Engineer

    Full Time - Montabaur, Germany

    AI Prompt Engineering Developer, Mid

    Full Time - El Segundo, CA, USA

    Senior Data Scientist, Prompt Engineering - Canada

    Full Time - Vancouver, Canada

    Machine Learning Engineer (L3+)

    €60k-110k Full Time - Αθήνα, Greece

    Principal Prompt Engineer

    Full Time - London, UK

    Prompt Engineer

    Full Time - UK

    Prompt Engineer

    Contract - UK