Student Internship- Artificial Intelligence Prompt Engineering & Workflow


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    Allennials at Work Inc.

    Allennials at Work Inc.

    - Internship

    Posted on: 16 October, 2023

    Student Internship- Artificial Intelligence Prompt Engineering & Workflow

    • *Please note this ad is to generate primary interest for the placement. Shortlisted candidates will be required to complete the official eligibility application process through our funding program’s portal before further participating in selection process.

    Allennials at Work ( is a management consultancy with a DEI Lens, we collaborate with high-growth enterprises to drive operational excellence and profitability while fostering a culture of inclusion. From strategic implementation guidance to trainings, we stand as a strategic partner to help our clients thrive in a dynamic and competitive business landscape.

    We’re looking for a student intern that will support our prompt engineering & workflow optimization efforts. The intern’s contributions will play a pivotal role in optimizing AI usage and content generation within the organization.

    The internship will be 10 hours a week and a 6 month commitment. The compensation for the internship will be made in 80 hour increments through an honorarium (roughly equaling $15.75-$17/ hour).

    The position is designed to introduce the student to the field of artificial intelligence prompt engineering and workflow optimization, providing a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the dynamic and evolving realm of artificial intelligence and technology.

    Your Role:

    As you get to learn more about the organization and the field, you’ll be able to refine your experience to best align with your career interests. But here’s a list of tasks you can expect to take on as an intern:

    • Analyze existing artificial intelligence (AI) tools and processes, including GPT-3 and other AI platforms used by the organization
    • Develop and refine prompts for AI-driven tasks to improve output quality and relevance.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate AI-driven processes seamlessly into existing workflows.
    • Identify pain points and bottlenecks in the workflow and propose AI-driven solutions to address them.
    • Develop no-code automations using relevant tools (e.g., Zapier, Integromat) to streamline repetitive tasks or integrate AI-generated content into other platforms.

    Skill Sets & Other Required Criteria:

    • Currently enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary institution as a student
    • Is either a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or ones conferred under the immigration and refugee act
    • Computer able to process large video files (500MB+) with wifi speed of minimum 5mbps
    • Ability to work remotely and autonomously without missing a deadline.
    • Strong understanding of AI concepts, particularly in natural language processing (NLP).
    • Currently enrolled in a post-secondary degree program in computer science, software development, software engineering, data science, or a related field.
    • Phenomenal interpersonal skills with a genuine love for connecting with people
    • The requisition number for this ad can be mistaken for 707. But it’s actually 107.
    • Exceptional written and oral communication skills in English
    • Ability to learn new technology and information quickly
    • Love for memes, lifestyle magazines etc

    Strongly preferred but not required:

    • Advanced proficiency in written and spoken French
    • No-code automation experience
    • Previous experience in a similar role
    • Valid secret clearance


    • Work wherever: This placement is eligible for full remote working arrangement.
    • Flexible Hours: We’re a results-only work environment. As long as you can meet our communications turnaround standard (24 business hours or less) and get the work done at the great quality, it doesn’t matter you work at 5AM in the morning or 11PM at night.
    • On-going Learning: We ensure you continue to grow as a professional. Whether it’s access to our training programs, or external training, you have plenty of opportunities to learn.

    We are a proud equal opportunity employer that strives for equity and inclusion. So if you feel this is your next career move, please apply anyway even if it doesn’t 100% seem that way on paper.

    All serious candidates will be considered without attention to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, or disability status.

    • Please note that candidate screening and selection for this opportunity will occur on a rolling, first-come basis. Therefore, this advertisement may close before the posted deadline. We therefore encourage interested candidates to apply as soon as possible.

    Job Type: Internship / Co-op Contract length: 6 months

    Salary: $15.75-$17.00 per hour

    Expected hours: 10 per week


    • Casual dress
    • Flexible schedule
    • Work from home

    Application question(s):

    • Please answer (Yes/No) – Do you have a valid secret clearance? Although this is not a requirement, strong preference will be given to candidates who hold a valid clearance (or are able to get one).
    • Please answer (Yes/No) – Are you currently enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary institution as a student?
    • Please answer (Yes/No) – Are you legally authorized to work in Canada as a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or a protected person under immigration & refugee act?
    • What is the correct requisition number for this ad? (a) 707 (b) 109 (c) 508 (4) none of the above
    • Please answer (Yes/No) – Do you confirm your understanding that if selected for next steps after this initial screening, you will be required to complete the official eligibility application process through our funding program’s portal before further participation in selection process?
    • Please answer (Yes/No) — Do you understand this opportunity is for 3 consecutive 80 hour placements totalling 240 hours over a 6 month period. An honorarium will be provided upon successful completion of each 80-hour placement (roughly equaling $15.75-$17/ hour).

    Work Location: In person

    Application deadline: 2023-10-10 Expected start date: 2023-11-01

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