Senior Deep Learning Engineer


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    Berlin, Germany - Full Time

    Posted on: 5 July, 2023

    Senior Deep Learning Engineer

    we build a retrieval augmented github copilot for lawyers.


    • build information retrieval into large language models

    • scale up large model training

    • add explainability to generated text

    • build data flywheel (use user feedback to improve model)



    • worked in FAANG or preferably exciting startups for >2 years

    • worked in a top-tier research lab on transformers

    strong plus but not required:

    • past cofounder experience.


    • company offsites

    • work with a team of ambitious and intelligent people, where everybody is expected to ship.

    • everybody is in the same office in berlin (in the AI Campus), with paper reading groups, prompt engineering meetups etc.

    • equity

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