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    Tier3 Media

    Tier3 Media

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    Posted on: 9 February, 2024

    Prompt Engineering Contractor

    Project Background: We are implementing Zappy Chat, an AI assistant and chatbot platform, to increase lead conversions and appointment booking. The conversational flow is driven through prompts - instructions given to the AI to shape responses.


    • Develop effective, natural-sounding prompts for key workflows
    • Enhance default system prompts to align with our brand voice and tone
    • Optimize prompts to improve lead qualification and conversion rates
    • Configure prompts to integrate with our Growtox calendar for self-scheduling
    • Create prompts for nurture and re-engagement sequences based on client goals

    Contractor Scope:

    • Collaborate closely with our team to construct full conversation sequences
    • Leverage Zappy Chat’s capabilities for personalization, triggers, and tags
    • Curate FAQ prompts aligned to products and services
    • Incorporate feedback data to continuously improve prompts
    • Document recommendations for ongoing prompt optimization

    Timeframe: This is envisioned as an initial 3-month long project with a part-time commitment, with the potential to extend for further enhancements.

    Expertise Required:

    • 2+ years prompt engineering experience ideally within conversational AI tools
    • Creative mindset combined with technical expertise
    • Strong written communication able to match brand voice aptly
    • Familiarity with campaigns for lead gen, conversation design, scheduling, and nurturing
    • Bonus for interest in wellness/medical aesthetics niche

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