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    - Full Time

    Posted on: 4 December, 2023

    Prompt Engineer

    Job Description

    Company: IOON (Spain)

    Job Type: Remote (Full-time)

    We add a software engineer more specialized in AI to a team.

    Prompt Engineer

    ref FE001

    To generate new generative AI projects we are looking for a person with skills in Msft’s Power Platform and the Azure Cloud. If the person has knowledge of AI, it would be ideal, since they are going to develop Generative AI projects (ChatGPT) on Power Platform using Azure.

    You will also need to have quality prompt writing skills to use in Generative AI (although you don’t know this, you can learn it quickly).

    Work area: C. de la Ribera del Loira, Madrid

    • Online Selection Process*

    • Permanent Contract

    • Negotiable Salary


    – 23 working days of vacation per year

    – Flexible Remuneration Program (food card, nursery checks, transportation card, health insurance).

    – continuous training:

    Free access to the open webinars platform and an annual budget of €350 so you can choose your own training

    Possibility of coaching colleagues or participating in hackathons where the brand is present

    – Stability and professional career.

    internal referral compensation plan.

    – Reconciliation measures (flexible hours, teleworking, intensive day on Fridays and in summer according to the project).


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