Prompt Engineer for Custom Ai Prompts


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    Posted on: 25 October, 2023

    Prompt Engineer for Custom Ai Prompts

    Hi everyone,

    We are launching Our AI SaaS web app.

    We are currently building a library of custom AI prompts/tools which our users can use over and over again.

    We are in search of a proficient prompt engineer, specializing in ChatGPT (3.5-4) prompt engineering, with a keen understanding of marketing use-cases. The role entails collaborating with us to create a portfolio of AI tools accessible to our community.

    We will start with 4 main Prompts. and if everything went good we will move it to long term job.

    Relevant skills:

    -Highly proficient in the art of ChatGPT prompt engineering, with a demonstrated ability to craft, construct, and tailor custom prompts to expert levels.

    -Possesses a deep understanding of marketing use-cases.

    -While not mandatory, a strong grasp of programming languages, such as Python, is greatly appreciated.

    If you are interested send us a message so we can discuss it.

    We will review your skills and expertise then will send you the needed prompts and the details.


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