Prompt Engineer / Data Analyst / ChatGPT / OpenAI


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    Klantenvertellen B.V.

    Klantenvertellen B.V.

    - Full Time

    Posted on: 7 August, 2023

    Prompt Engineer / Data Analyst / ChatGPT / OpenAI

    Dear Prospective Candidates,

    Are you a passionate number cruncher, an agile engineer, or an AI and analytics enthusiast? We are on the hunt for individuals who excel in mathematics, enjoy working with cutting-edge technologies like ChatGPT/OpenAI, and are proficient in C++, Python, and PHP. We value those who can transform complex data into insightful, actionable strategies.

    While extensive professional experience is not a prerequisite, you must demonstrate that you rank among the top 5% of your peers. We seek candidates with open mindsets, eagerness to learn, and the drive to prioritize their work and career growth. With us, your focus should be on accelerating your learning curve rather than counting work hours.

    If you have a solid foundation in coding, Excel, mathematics, financial modeling, statistics, and stochastic processes, we encourage you to reach out and request more information. Join us in our pursuit of excellence and unlock a world of rewarding opportunities!

    Don’t miss this chance to work with the brightest minds – it will be worth it!

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: R5,000.00 - R20,000.00 per month

    Application Question(s):

    • Can you write any lines of code like C++, PHP, VBA, Peyton,…?
    • What is your experience with Machine Learning / ChatGPT or OpenAI?
    • Can you prove that you belonged to top 5% in any science like math or programming? Please elaborate.
    • Please share your PROMPT that you are most proud of:
    • Are you willing to relocate to CapeTown?

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