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    Hi-Tech Recruitment - Cape Town

    Hi-Tech Recruitment - Cape Town

    - Full Time

    Posted on: 1 June, 2024

    Prompt Engineer

    Reference: CPT005208-RP-1

    Prompt Engineer As a Prompt Engineer, you’ll be at the forefront of AI/ML innovation, developing cutting-edge prompt systems and leveraging NLP expertise to enhance user interactions. You’ll collaborate with top-tier engineers to design and implement frameworks utilizing Large Language Models (LLMs), contributing to the advancement of wireless solutions and automation frameworks in an innovation-driven environment. R 1 000 000 - R 1 500 000

    Duties & Responsibilities


    • Design, develop, and implement AI/ML-based prompt systems to significantly improve user interactions.
    • Develop LLM applications for evaluating data quality, solving challenges related to synthetic data, and executing business solutions.
    • Identify vulnerabilities in LLMs and other generative AI models, developing training materials for red teaming and adversarial analysis.
    • Create data creation and vulnerability testing scripts in Python/TypeScript, collaborating with ML and software engineers for robust implementation.
    • Analyze and visualize experimental prompt results, teaching new prompt engineering methods to ML and software engineering staff.
    • Utilize advanced NLP techniques to craft contextually relevant natural language prompts, curating datasets and optimizing machine learning models.
    • Conduct comprehensive testing, including A/B testing, to ensure prompt performance and accuracy.


    • Bachelor’s degree or higher in a quantitative major or related field (linguistics, philosophy, etc.).
    • Proficiency in Python or TypeScript for API-enabled scripts.
    • Ability to analyze model performance via statistics and data visualization.
    • Experience with frontier-scale LLMs (e.g., GPT, Claude, PaLM) for specific applications or implementations.
    • Familiarity with LLM evaluation metrics (BLUE, ROUGE, MAUVE) and statistics.
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
    • Creative mindset for driving experimentation and internal R&D.
    • Basic knowledge of Kubernetes, Hadoop, and/or Impala is a plus.

    Preferred Skills:

    • Understanding of ethical considerations in AI/ML development.
    • Prior exposure to financial services applications.

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    Please note if you have not received feedback within two weeks, please consider your application unsuccessful for this particular opportunity.

    Package & Remuneration

    R 1 000 000 - R 1 500 000 - Annually

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