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    HongKong (Remote) - Full Time

    🌎 Remote

    Posted on: 15 December, 2023

    Prompt Engineer

    MyShell is a future-leading multimodal robot creation platform that exclusively integrates cutting-edge speech synthesis (TTS) technology and privatised large-scale language models (LLMs) to achieve a harmonious symbiosis between robot creation and consumption through sustainable crypto-economic incentives.

    The team brings together elites from MIT, Tsinghua, Princeton and other world-class institutions, and core members have years of experience in landing large-scale AI products. You will work with the founding team to explore the infinite possibilities of AI products:


    1. Deeply understand the business scenario requirements, complete the AI product-oriented Prompt design and optimisation iteration;

    2. according to the requirements of robot production, can alone complete a “large number” + “well-made” all kinds of bot, LLM features in MyShell platform to play to the extreme. For example, language learning bot, character bot with hierarchical personality, nsfw bot;

    3. testing and evaluating the performance of Prompts to ensure they produce the desired results;

    4. continuously optimising and improving Prompts based on user feedback and usage data;

    5. building a suite of training tutorials to teach the art of prompt engineering to creators within the ecosystem.

    Who you are

    Working experience and skills requirements Graduated from domestic Top schools or foreign Ivy League schools, science and engineering background, deep attainment in machine learning/deep learning, project research experience is preferred; Understand the characteristics of LLM, have solid experience in prompt engineering; Basic coding ability, with the ability to acquire high quality audio/text data in batch; Strong character perception, preferably with excellent homage creation/original storytelling works, rich desire to express; Ability to export and train externally, strong presentation skills, enjoy teaching technical concepts and creating high-quality documentation that helps the community ecosystem of creators; Fluent in spoken and written English and Chinese, English can be used as a working language.

    Other Requirements

    Familiarity with overseas online culture, such as 4chan, reddit, etc., and the ability to apply these cultural elements to products; Familiar with secondary/internet terrier culture, abundant sense of humour; Strong openness, willingness and ability to quickly master various tools.

    Plus Points

    Mastery of basic Stable Diffusion usage, good aesthetics.

    What we offer you

    • Competitive salary and package;
    • Flexible working hours and telecommuting;
    • Opportunity to work with top talent in the industry;
    • Career opportunities to play a key role in the rapidly growing AI and Web3 space.

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