Machine Learning Engineer


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    - Full Time

    Posted on: 22 October, 2023

    Machine Learning Engineer

    What you bring

    Must Haves

    • 3-4 years in Machine Learning roles, building, prototyping and deploying language models
    • Proficiency with core ML and LLM tech stack: Python ecosystem, Vector Databases (Weaviate, Pinecone) Tensorflow/Pytorch, Huggingface, Langchain, AWS (SageMaker, etc.).
    • Deep understanding of LLM concepts, including prompt engineering, transformers, reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF), model fine-tuning, and embeddings.
    • Experience with retrieval, recommendation and search algorithms

    Nice To Haves

    • Have published papers at ML/NLP conferences like ACL, EMNLP, CoNLL, ICML, RecSys, etc.
    • Experience of working with data processing tools at scale (Python, Spark, Hadoop, etc. )
    • Knowledge of working with containerized cloud environments (Docker, Kubernetes, AWS/GCP)

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