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    - Full Time

    Posted on: 9 January, 2024

    LLM Prompt Engineer

    WINN.AI is a startup company in a fresh and exciting category in the eco-system: real-time

    assistance (while in virtual meetings) for revenue leaders and representatives.

    We are well funded and backed by leading VCs and our team is constantly growing.We are looking for a Junior Prompt Engineer to join the AI team to boost and improve our data capturing models along with boosting our delivery speed to market.We are building an innovative product for salespeople that will assist them in real time while having online meetings. This is a new domain with business and technological challenges.

    As a Junior Prompt Engineer, you will be in charge of the full AI cycle from ideation to production. That includes: writing prompts, writing basic software infrastructure supporting the promt, testing the prompts, moving them to production and monitoring the production status of various customers.

    Since the job is related to real clients in production and most clients are from the US, part of the week will be in shifts of US time.

    Your role as the focal point of the AI team will involve collaborating with Product, Customer Success, Sales and Marketing to ensure that the NLP capabilities meet the customers needs.


    • Software engineering proven experience.
    • Ability to work on US time (3pm-11pm Israel time) approx. 2-3 times per week.
    • High level of English – must
    • Ability to work in a high pressure environment
    • Ability to experiment with prompting in order to deliver business value
    • Ability to build test plans for stochastic models
    • Ability to perform quality tests and constant improvement on the NLP models
    • Analytical thinker, problem solver
    • A great team player, highly motivated, self-driven, auto-didact
    • Bachelor’s degree – advantage

    WINN.AI is also committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we want teammates who are similarly passionate about pushing for change in our industry.

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