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    - Full Time

    Posted on: 10 July, 2024

    Generative AI engineer

    Job purpose:

    Given that the field of prompt engineering and applied LLMs is arguably less than 2 years old, as a result, we ask that you share with us a specific prompt engineering or LLM projects or Generative AI or Bert projects you’re proud of in your application! Ideally this project should show off a complex and clever prompting architecture or generative data scenarios or a systematic evaluation of an LLM’s behavior or a multi-modal LLM system.

    We expect the candidate to create business facing experiences that show-case the value LLMs can bring to GSK and pharma in general. Overall, we expect the candidate to drive:

    • Developing our Generative AI roadmap and managing our solution space
    • Ensure the right level of complexity of LLMs is picked for use-cases (e.g., Dolly vs GPT4).
    • Educate technical and business leaders on the use of Generative AI.
    • Co-create with the business appropriate use-cases that will benefit from Generative AI.
    • Create technical standards and blueprint for Generative AI scenarios.
    • Strong software development standards using Devops/MLops.

    Business process areas in scope:

    • Supply chain
    • Manufacturing

    This role will provide YOU the opportunity to lead key activities to progress YOUR career. These responsibilities include some of the following:

    • Identify critical business problems that could be solved using Generative AI
    • Define strategy for Generative AI and how to apply it
    • Lead discussions at peer review and uses quantitative skills to positively influence decision making
    • Identify opportunities to apply the latest advancements in Large Language Models (LLMs)
    • Prompt engineer the right prompts to optimize LLMs functioning
    • Quickly prototype scenarios from LLMs till UX for user testing purposes
    • Work with our cross-functional team (data scientists, data engineers and research scientists) to define and deliver features in an iterative manner.
    • Lead internal and external developers to deliver on the Generative AI roadmap
    • Develop and embed automated processes for predictive model validation, deployment, and implementation
    • Influence the AI/ML stack like Feature Stores, Model Stores, and automated MLops to create most value out of LLMs.
    • Connect and collaborate with subject matter experts in -different business areas.
    • Make impactful contributions to internal discussions on emerging machine learning methodologies.
    • Educate the organization both from IT and the business perspectives on Generative AI
    • Demonstrate a combination of business focus, strong analytical and problem-solving skills and programming knowledge to be able to quickly cycle hypothesis through the discovery phase of the project and excellent written and communications skills to report back the findings in a clear, structured manner.

    Why you?

    Basic Qualifications:

    We are looking for professionals with these required skills to achieve our goals:

    • A higher degree (PhD preferred) in Engineering, Statistics, Data Science, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Bioinformatics or related quantitative field
    • Hands-on experience with LLMs fine-tuning and/or training.
    • Hands-on experience with Bert, Bard, ChatGPT, LLaMA, Dolly, etc
    • 5+ years of experience in any at least 2 of the AI domains: NLP, NLG, Computer Vision, etc.
    • Experience in machine learning and software engineering best practices with advanced skills in Python and Cloud
    • Experience writing and presenting papers, documentation, and presentations to explain (research) findings
    • Fluency in English

    Why GSK?

    GSK is a global biopharma company with a special purpose – to unite science, technology and talent to get ahead of disease together – so we can positively impact the health of billions of people and deliver stronger, more sustainable shareholder returns – as an organisation where people can thrive. Getting ahead means preventing disease as well as treating it, and we aim to impact the health of 2.5 billion people around the world in the next 10 years.

    Our success absolutely depends on our people. While getting ahead of disease together is about our ambition for patients and shareholders, it’s also about making GSK a place where people can thrive. We want GSK to be a place where people feel inspired, encouraged and challenged to be the best they can be. A place where they can be themselves – feeling welcome, valued and included. Where they can keep growing and look after their wellbeing. So, if you share our ambition, join us at this exciting moment in our journey to get Ahead Together.

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