Generative AI and Prompt Engineering Bootcamp (online – part-time) – Gain your first hands-on experience in AI


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    - Part Time

    Posted on: 31 December, 2023

    Generative AI and Prompt Engineering Bootcamp (online – part-time) – Gain your first hands-on experience in AI

    If you are a student, recent graduate, or aspiring to make a career change, and you find yourself lacking the necessary skills to pursue your dream job, our Bootcamp is tailored for you. Join us and embark on a journey of skill development through hands-on training and practical projects.

    Program Overview

    – Hands-on Training: Immerse yourself in a practical learning environment.

    – Skill Certification: Acquire industry-recognized certifications.

    – Project Work: Collaborate with our German AI startup, Moyyn, on real projects.

    What You Will Gain From This Program

    – Hands-on Training: Work within the dynamic environment of a German AI startup.

    – Direct Interaction: Learn and collaborate directly with founders and potential clients from Germany.

    – Practical Experience: Engage in group project work to build expertise in Generative AI and Prompt Engineering

    Program Modules

    • Hands-on Training and Project Work:

    – Get trained directly from the founders and gain hands-on experience in Generative AI and Prompt Engineering

    – Projects include Chatbot creation for a startup use case, Translation using NLP, Text summarization, Creating GPTs

    • Generative AI and Prompt Engineering Training:

    – Benefit from 12+ hours of training, including insights from guest speakers from Europe (self-paced learning).

    – Dive into the fundamentals of Neural networks, Perceptron, Generative models, Training and Evaluation of GANs, NLP, ChatGPT, Prompt Engineering etc

    • Career Guidance:

    – Receive guidance on how to secure a job in the field.

    – Engage in career sessions, receive an introduction to job search platforms, learn CV and cover letter preparation, and gain valuable interview tips.

    Why Choose Our Generative AI and Prompt Engineering Training Program?

    – Skill Development: Acquire the fundamental skills required for AI Engineer/Machine Learning Engineer

    – Career Advancement: Gain the confidence and training needed for a career switch to become an AI Engineer/Machine Learning Engineer.

    – Job Opportunities: Increase your job prospects and receive referrals to our clients and partners.

    – Real Startup Projects: Collaborate directly with our Chief Product Officer on tangible startup projects.

    – Networking: Join our GATE community to expand your professional network and build lasting connections.

    Take the first step towards building a successful career in AI with our comprehensive training program. Don’t miss this opportunity to upskill and open doors to exciting job prospects!

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