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    Back 4 Good - Your future in Ireland .

    Back 4 Good - Your future in Ireland .

    - Full Time

    Posted on: 16 October, 2023

    AI Roles – All Locations

    Back 4 Good are working on a number of AI roles across multiple locations in Ireland.

    AI is having a significant impact on society and business in Ireland with over 10,000 new jobs predicted over the next 3 years .

    With have exciting opportunities in a number of specialists areas including ,

    . Advanced AI Data Trainers

    . AI Engineers

    . AI Prompt Engineers

    . Generative AI Specialists

    . Conversation AI Specialists

    . Artificial Intelligence Advocates

    . Research Scientists

    . Head of Visual AI

    and many more

    As a career option AI is essential to modern business operations with salaries at the upper level with strong packages and excellent career progression.

    While the USA is the leader in AI development Ireland is up there at the top level and fast becoming a hub for artificial intelligence development with tech giants like Google , Facebook Apple and Microsoft operating the European HQs from the country.

    If you wish to working in this most exciting sector in Ireland send your expression of interest to and we will arrange a conversation.

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