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    - Full Time

    Posted on: 5 May, 2024

    AI & Prompt Engineer

    • Company Description*

    Zigment is a pioneering AI-based platform specializing in conversational lead conversion. Our technology automates the lead conversion process, reducing human involvement by nearly 90% and significantly enhancing efficiency. Zigment’s design focuses on flexibility, scalability, and top-tier data security, ensuring seamless integration with existing software systems.

    • Role Description*

    This entry-level, full-time role is based in Bengaluru. As a Junior AI & Prompt Engineer at Zigment, you will support the development and maintenance of the AI Agent architecture within our conversational lead conversion platform. Your responsibilities include collaborating with the engineering team to assist in creating and refining automated tasks, integrating these enhancements smoothly into our platform, and upholding high standards of data safety and security.

    • Qualifications*

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.

    • 0-3+ years of experience…

    • Strong command of the English language and exceptional analytical skills.

    • Interest in AI technologies and frameworks, with a willingness to learn more.

    • Basic understanding of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and conversational AI concepts.

    • Ability to thrive in a collaborative team setting.

    • Excellent problem-solving skills.

    • Effective communication and interpersonal abilities.

    • This position is ideal for fresh graduates or early-career professionals looking to make a significant impact in the field of AI and conversational technology, without the need for advanced programming skills.

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