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    The Cocktail

    The Cocktail

    - Full Time

    Posted on: 2 October, 2023

    AI Prompt Engineer

    Job Description

    This is the challenge:

    Be part of an ambitious and restless team to discover more about GPT4 through the development of use cases that impact the end to end of the digital experience or that are aimed at generating operational efficiencies.

    I’m sure you’ve made many questions about ChatGPT, but how do you get an opportunity like this?

    What we do and with what technologies:

    Design and development of natural language processing algorithms (NLP) to understand and respond to users’ entries.

    Creation of automatic learning models to improve the accuracy and relevance of automatic responses.

    Implementation of voice-based dialogue systems and chatbots on a variety of platforms and devices, including mobile phones, computers and smart home devices.

    Identification and resolution of technical problems and errors in the dialogue system to guarantee its adequate functioning and user satisfaction.

    With quién lo hacemos:

    We collaborate with other engineers and interdisciplinary teams (such as designers, researchers and user experience experts) to optimize the quality of dialogue and user experience.

    What we expect from you:

    Experience as Data Science, especially in developing models of Machine Learning.

    Amplios conocimientos de Inteligencia Artificial y de librerías de Python como: Scikit-Learn; TensorFlow, Natural Language Toolkit and Keras.

    Ganas de aprender, collaborar y comerse el mundo.

    El día a día en The Cocktail:

    What are we offering?

    You can certify and dedicate hours of work to train in the necessary topics and technologies.

    Tendrás una retribution based on the experience provided in what we seek. In addition to a personalized career plan.

    Work model based on self-responsibility and self-management with flexible hours and teleworking: we do not have a filing system or mandatory attendance days at the office.

    We seek excellence/improvement in what we do, generating a collaborative environment in which we are all constantly learning. Our philosophy is 70-20-10 (70% learning from experience, 20% from mentors/referents and 10% from regular training).

    You can enjoy 25 days of vacation a year divided between summer and Christmas, sobre todo. We also give you Nochebuena and Nochevieja.

    Package of social benefits and possibility of flexible retribution.

    No tenemos dress code. Come as you want to work.

    Be part of a company with soul: we have initiatives to support maternity (a breastfeeding room in the office and programs for moms and dads), sustainability (zero waste policies), gender equality and diversity (visibility initiatives and inclusion of the collective LGTB+, collaborations to diminish social inequality…).

    Discounts and multiple advantages for your leisure and day to day.

    In The Cocktail we pretend to be a referent in talent and human quality, and we will only achieve this by being an open and diverse company, so we have a Code of Conduct that reflects our expectations of the people who participate in the company. We offer a welcoming environment for all, regardless of their identity or expression of gender, sexual orientation, capacity, origin, religion, socioeconomic status…

    If you have reached this far, it is because we have managed to call your attention

    Are you coming?


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